Parent Helpers

Part of the parent requirement for MDO is for a parent or guardian to volunteer in the classroom. Parent volunteers play a critical role in supporting our program, and we always look forward to meeting each of you! Each day, we have at least one parent volunteer present. This volunteer helps support the daily director, helps prepare and distribute the daily snack, cleans up after recess, and helps all the teachers in the classrooms as needed.

The volunteering requirement is two days per year, per day your child is in the program. You are also more than welcome to volunteer more often, and we appreciate our parents volunteering with us.
Example: If your child attends Tuesdays then you are required to volunteer 2 days per year. If your child attends Tuesdays and Thursdays, then you have 4 total volunteer days per year.
Example: If you have 2 children attending on Tuesdays, then you are responsible for a total of 4 volunteer days per year (2 days per child).

Please make sure you arrive early and check in with the daily director. If you are unable to fulfill your shift then please contact the MDO Parent Liason: Nicole Bondurant Lee 253-350-8744 (text or call).

NOTE: All parent helpers are required to bring the snack for all children on their helper day. This helps to keep our costs low so we can keep our tuition low for all MDO families. Please refer to the parent handbook for guidance on snacks or reach out to the parent liaison with any questions at